Cat window perch without velcro

Extremely durable and sturdy with 2 shelves Removable padding Holds up to 70 lbs. My little fur ball could stare out the window on her cat window perch for hours. You cat will love watching the birds and pawing at your window. If possible I suggest using screws to attach your window perch. Cat Products How to Make your Own Cat Wand Top 3 Best Cat Litter Box Mats Is the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box System the Best C. You can help the HubPages community highlight top quality content by ranking this article up or down. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages account. Comments are not for promoting your Hubs or other sites. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. The carpeted solid wood supports underneath the cat window perch slide toward the wall and lock into place. I have yet to meet a cat that is not drawn to a window at some point in their nine lives. We looked at four of them and took customer reviews into account. Velcro adhesive may damage some window sills upon removal. We have one on each side of the living room picture window. We have it placed under a big window in our dining room. She gets to sunbathe and watch the neighborhood all while being nice and comfortable. Ash and Catsy split their time between the cat window perch and this tower with a view. Ash and Catsy provide a perfect example of why you can never have enough kitty furniture. Content Security Policy restrictions may be applied to your site. Not all embedded timeline and embedded Tweet functionality is supported when CSP is applied. View all recent discussions on the Pets Adviser website. The carpeted solid wood supports underneath the cat window perch slide toward the wall and lock into place. Advanced engineering combines strength and ease of assembly with an attractive oval design. Internal thermostat keeps temperature at 102 degrees only when in use . He spends ALL day spread out on the perch in the sunlight. No tools are necessary for installation when using the provided Velcro fasteners. Robert holds a Master of Arts with a dual specialization in literature and composition from Purdue University. This makes the cat perch a common place for the cat to spend time. Not all windowsills are large enough to fit a cat and you might want the windowsill to be more comfortable. The cat window perch is a product that provides a comfortable place for the cat to sit while looking out the window. Remove as much dirt as possible and wipe the windowsill down with a damp rag. Place the Velcro loop side of the perch to the Velcro hoop side of the release paper. Put the cover in a washing machine and wash it with cold water and mild soap. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the eHow Terms of Use and Privacy Policy . We had to trim the board and notch it for the central post divide between the vertical panes on these crank out windows. If there were clips or screws on the perch it would be much better. I prefer the cheaper window perches because even though they are not plush they do the job and do NOT fall down. This is fantastic for cats who love to sit in the sun and look outdoors. I decided on this perch after reading reviews of it and others window perches. Velcro to replace the used Velcro on the first window sill. I carefully removed it and it was so sticky it stuck to the other window sill. AUI is disabled everywhere until all AUI carousel bugs are fixed. All of the products your pet needs on a regular basis are available. Browse to the product page of the items you wish to add to your Bottomless Bowl. You can also choose to have your order shipped immediately or shipped at a future date. Adjustable Cat Window Perch and Accessories for Cat Perches from petco. Give your feline friend the purrfect perch with the Lazy Pet Kitty Window Perch. Lazy Pet sets up in minutes and requires no tools at all. Velcro and suction cups are included in the kit to provide ways to adhere the cat perch to your wall and sill. The Lazy Pet Kitty Window Perch consists of a sturdy platform mounted on strong metal braces. And this cat window perch is as comfortable as it is secure. Lazy Pet Kitty Window Perch includes a feathered teaser toy that attaches right to your window with a suction cup. It is important that you thoroughly clean the window sill you have chosen before attempting to install the Kitty Window Perch. Please make sure that all moisture and any residue from cleaning solutions is completely removed from the window sill prior to installation. Detach the two white frame legs that are taped together. Turn the Window Perch over exposing the wood side and place it on a flat surface so the cover is facing down. Step 2 Check to make sure that the window sill is clean and completely dry. This step is very important to ensure proper bonding of Velcro to window sill. The Velcro intended to be placed on window sill should be removed from the window perch at this time. Velcro hook on the window sill with the adhesive side down. Velcro hook with the Velcro loop that is permanently attached to the front of the Window Perch. Slide the legs forward or backward as needed so they are firmly in contact with the wall and are supporting the Window Perch in a horizontal position. It is recommended that you allow eight hours before applying weight to the Window Perch. Please test to make sure the Window Perch is solidly mounted before allowing your pet to use it. Removing The Cover The Kitty Window is designed to allow the cover to be removed for cleaning without removing the Window Perch from your window. Refer to the washing instruction label on the outer cover for full care instructions. Check to make sure that the Window Perch is solidly mounted any time you remove or replace the cover. The manufacturer recommends that you periodically check the stability of the Window Perch to ensure that it is secure. She sleeps there every night and watches the birds from it everyday. .

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