Dog behavior in hot weather

They prefer to lie down on cool tile or near a source of airflow. She is also a seasoned independent traveler and a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. Dray is pursuing a criminal justice degree at Penn Foster College. This site requires JavaScript and Cookies to be enabled. Please change your browser settings or upgrade your browser. Certainly between these hours especially around midday we encounter the hottest temperatures which can be prolonged well into the late afternoon. Remember to that regular grooming not only is good for your dogs coat but also helps keeping them cool. Rather than exercising my dogs with running and chasing a ball etc. I prefer to let them have a shorter run and play time in the fields. Followed by a steady walk in as much shaded areas as possible with stops along the way for a drink of chilled water which we carry with us. On an evening too we have play times in the house or back garden to help drain a little more energy and give them that special fun and play bonding time. Miss Holly will persist if we were to allow her to go and lie in the direct sunshine and heat. If your dog has to be left alone in the house for a short time remember conservatories can be as bad as cars for extreme rapid increase in temperatures in a very short time and in most cases are totally unsuitable during hot weather. A window left slightly open will not give suitable ventilation and could result in serious if not fatal consequences. Sadly for some dogs the summer of 2011 had similar tragedies to those of previous years with some owners still persisting to leave their dogs in cars during the hot weather. Again the tragic story of two police dogs who died when left alone in a vehicle in the hot weather. I am told that when it is 22 degrees outside the temperature inside a car can soar to over 45 degrees within 60 minutes. Leaving the windows slightly down or covering the windscreen will not keep the car cool and yet for some owners the message is not getting through dogs die in hot cars. Some dogs like humans need sunscreen to protect their ears and other areas your vet will be able to advise where necessary. I hope you and your dogs all stay safe and enjoy the nice weather this  summer. Visitors may also not be comfortable with or know how to act around dogs. It can cause irritability leading to bite incidents and even death for your pet. Yet still we see the seasonal droves of people heading out at midday for a stroll with a heavily panting dog trailing at the end of a lead. Always bring cool water along when walking with your dog during hot weather. Your pet will need much more water in the summer to replenish what he loses by panting. Please do not allow your dogs off lead near a canal as the high sides prevent your dog being able to climb out if he should fall in. Leaving your dog in a car parked in the shade does not assure that your dog will not become seriously overheated. Prevent your dog from hanging his head out of a moving car window when taking him for a ride. Protect Your Dog From Being Stolen Companion anima l   theft   is unfortunately a serious problem in this country. Any of these types of behaviour could indicate that your dog is developing a phobia towards noise. Bonfire night is the main cause of sudden noise phobia What you can do Make sure his  environment  is safe and that he cannot  escape . Use a desensitization cd to gradually encourage your dog to become used to the sounds he fears. It may be nessesary to seek a prescription of stronger sedatives from your vet as an interim measure whilst you address the problem. Hot Spots are one of those less then desirable skin irritations seen in pets. Chihuahua is best known for being the smallest dog breed in the world. This is especially important to watch out for if your dog is on any kind of medication. A sudden increase in heart rate and panting to catch her breath can be a warning that your dog has a heart problem. The heat and dry conditions can affect your dog just as much as it does you. Following a few simple guidelines can help your pet weather the heat. Save the aerobic exercise for early morning or late evening. Dogs with heavy coats also need extra help keeping cool. Dogalini might like to lounge in it on a sweltering day. Cut very thin slices off a hot dog and toss them into the wading pool one by one for her to fish out. Put the treat in the same room but cover it under an empty shoe box. Put out three empty shoe boxes with a treat in just one of them. Tons of great ideas for indoor and outdoor play in all weathers. Behaved Pet   for more awesome tips on tricks on keeping your dog happy and healthy. A scientific study has found that young children are especially at risk from being bitten during the summer. A help sheet giving practical advice for separation problems. EDDR will receive a small commission from Amazon which we use to help more dogs in need . Always obtain advice from your vet regarding any medical or behavioural conditions your dog may have. Dogs are much more susceptible to heatstroke than humans. One reason for this is your dog wears his fur coat all year round. Some breeds are much more susceptible to the heat than others. The major cause of heatstroke in dogs is leaving a dog in a parked car. Exercising in hot weather is another common way heatstroke can occur. Do not push your dog to exercise on very hot or humid days. A very good way to cool down a dog is to put water on its chest. Offer your dog a drink and be sure to contact your vet right away. Lilli the English Bulldog and her Pug friend Smash getting a drink after playing . Dogs should always have a shady spot to get out of the beating heat of the sun. .

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